Artist Statement

Because our epoch is a kaleidoscope of technology, scientific discovery, and political turmoil, we can only grasp at the fragments to find a context for ourselves. These fragments of information are too profuse and complex to comprehend intellectually, but they produce a change in our thinking, our values and our lives, with or without our understanding. We try to understand them on an intuitive or non-rational level, which is within our capability, just as our "ancient" forebears did, by developing mythologies, or by using the metaphors and symbols which already form a common thread throughout world civilization. I offer personal glimpses of the mystery at the heart of our cosmos and its links with humanity. This dual fascination, combined with passion for the technical innovation, has led to a body of work which explores mythology, anthropology, and history on one hand ( Isis, Rasputin, Einstein, Birth of KGB, Conciseness, Siberian Ice Maiden) and the cutting edge of scientific discovery on the other ( Mobius, String Theory, Black Holes, Spacetime, Dark Matter, Cosmic Embryo). The very nature of this research has determined the process of its realization: construction of 3 or 2 dimensional metaphorical object; deconstruction of the object using photography; reconstruction of the object into a new 2 or 3 dimensional one. The process is designed to involve the viewer in a similar intellectual exercise of focusing on an object and interpreting it via a new optic in its transmogrified form.

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